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Cosmetic Repairs

Removing those little imperfections just the way you want it.

Scratches, discolouration, chips and dings on the car body are some of the common cosmetic damages that can be caused by impact or by environmental factors. We have trained specialists who can restore your car to its pristine condition.

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From scratch to chip marks removal, we have a dedicated team who specialise in paint repairs to restore paintwork to show car finish.


Headlights can be scratched, discoloured or dull as they age due to exposure to UV light and other environmental factors. We offer services to restore them to that crystal clear condition for a brighter and safer driving experience.


Rims can be worn out and detailing work might not be sufficient.  We can restore, revitalise and respray selected types of rims to make them look brand new.


Dings and dents on cars are common and annoying mishaps that may recur from time to time. We offer quick and relatively inexpensive methods to reshape panels for certain damaged conditions.

The cost and applicability of cosmetic repair services are subjected to the condition of damage.  Please contact or visit us for consultation and quotation.