Ensuring your safety with top-notch facilities and expertise.

As customer’s safety is paramount, we spare no effort in leveraging:

  • The latest equipment & tools that are available in the market.
  • The direct access to support and updates from multiple brand principles on the latest technologies and architecture of modern-day cars.


We are proud of these three strengths that enable your car to be restored to its pre-accident state or better.

We are committed to the continual advancement and upgrading of our facilities & equipment. The skills and expertise of our personnel are also constantly updated to ensure that all repairs meet or exceed manufacturers’ guidelines.

The latest equipment are integrated into our panel beating works and other processes. Computerised measurements enable high-precision repairs that will restore your car to its original condition.

We deploy advanced technologies to assist our highly-skilled specialists, especially for paint works. Rigorous checks ensure that your car can be restored to the highest possible quality.