A collection of ultra-durable coatings from the leading car-care experts, designed to shield your vehicle paintwork, interior and glass against harsh contaminants and the elements.



Autoglym CARBON SHIELD is a complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass. It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from the day you drive it home.


Traffic film, strong detergents and the weather are just some of the hazards that can diminish your car’s beautiful finish. And that’s just on the outside.


Things can get just as messy on the inside too, especially with young children.


Autoglym’s CARBON SHIELD coating protects vehicle paintwork by creating a barrier against tough contaminants and the elements. Upholstery is protected from permanent marks and stains, while glass is coated to improve visibility for safer driving.



Benefits at a glance:

  • Protects paintwork against harsh contaminants and the elements to lock in colour and shine.
  • Protects fabric and leather upholstery and carpets from permanent marks and stains.
  • Provides exceptional water repellency for side and rear windows and makes glass easier to clean.
  • Makes cleaning extremely easy and incorporates a simple maintenance range.


Protect that new car feeling


Special care is taken by trained professionals to prepare and protect your car to the highest standards to maintain its appearance and help retain its resale value.

From bumper to bumper, inside and out, our advanced CARBON SHIELD coatings are used to ensure your car remains in pristine and protected condition.


Maintenance made easy


Once the trained professionals have applied the CARBON SHIELD coatings to your car, we’ll provide you with a complimentary aftercare collection.
Produced by the car care experts, this collection of premium Autoglym products gives you everything you need to maintain perfection with ease, and keep that pristine look effortlessly sealed in.


CARBON SHIELD Aftercare Collection Contains:

  1. Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner
  2. Rapid Aqua Wax Kit
  3. Interior Shampoo
  4. Bird Dropping Wipes
  5. Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre



With the CARBON SHIELD system, you’ll also receive a 1 year warranty. Subject to reasonable ongoing care, your vehicle will remain in top condition, but the comprehensive guarantee* provides complete peace of mind for as long as you own the vehicle. *Terms and conditions apply.


All exterior paintwork is professionally treated with our unique coating formula.

This protective coating preserves the paintwork’s depth of colour and shine and ensures maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even in the most severe weather conditions.

The water-repellent properties make it easy to clean and maintain the paintwork in pristine condition.

Protects vehicle paintwork against harsh contaminants and the elements to lock in colour and shine.





How does it work?






Protecting your car isn’t just about maintaining a beautiful exterior. CARBON SHIELD’s interior treatment coats each and every strand of your car’s upholstery multiple times to create a barrier around fabric and leather. Spills and moisture are kept locked out of your car’s seating and carpets and are easily wiped away if any accidents do occur.

The result is a pristine car, inside and out.




How does it work?





A glass treatment is professionally applied to the exterior of the side and rear windows. It creates a water-repellent barrier that is highly durable, optically clear and easy to clean.


As you drive, the raindrops roll off to improve wet-weather visibility for safer driving conditions.



How does it work?